Dr. Carolyn DeVito

Dr. DeVito completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Connecticut.  She graduated from West Virginia University School of Dentistry.

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DeVito Dental Solutions

At DeVito Dental Solutions we believe that an open and friendly smile is one of the best assets you can ever have. Just imagine how confident you will feel being able to dazzle Morgantown with your smile.  A visit to DeVito Dental Solutions could just change your life! 

Our dedicated staff is committed to helping you maintain healthy teeth and gums by offering professional dental services including general dentistry, teeth whitening, crowns, preventive periodontal care and  we only place tooth colored fillings and sealants that are BPA FREE.

With state of the art technology, treatments and pain relief. you can enjoy healthy teeth and gums without the normal feelings of anxiousness. But more than that. you can show off a winning smile now and for many years to come. All of our patients tell us how amazing they feel with a healthy smile. and that could be you.

Across the DeVito Dental Solutions website you'll find details of our expert dental team, our Morgantown dental office location, appointment hours and contact details. We warmly welcome new patients. young and old, for once off or ongoing dental health care.

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